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Post  Admin on Wed May 30, 2012 9:40 am

The following is a set of rules stolen from Gaiaphage. If you are caught breaking any of the following, 'I didn't ever see the rules' is not an excuse. I will tie you to the wall in barbed wire, rip each one of your teeth out slowly, and then impale them into different place on your body. Oh, and I'll ban you

Forum Etiquette:

1. Posting of anything that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or offensive to an individual or anything pertaining to their life will not be tolerated.

2. No bullying or ganging up on people, whether it be in a forum discussion or in the chat rooms.

3. If you have a problem with someone either keep it to yourself or let them know in a direct and civil manner. Don't go about bad mouthing users to other users. Move on. If someone has a problem with you, accept they have a problem with you, maybe understand what the problem is, and if you can't find a solution, move on. We're not going to force you to like each other, just stay out of each others' business and let things be.

4. Watch your language! Not everyone loves a potty mouth. Keep swearing to a minimum please, as we do have younger members on the site.

5. Please keep everything you post in the forums/on chat ***PG-13***. If you are posting something that is over that rating, please put it in spoilers with a warning that it's mature, and try not to do this unless you need to.

Rules On Posting:

1. Rules on forum etiquette (above) also apply to posting.

2. No double posting. We have a edit button for a reason! THIS MEANS YOU JEN.

3. A post must contain more than "lol" or "idk" or smilies. That's spam.

4. Make sure you post things in the correct forum.

5. There will be no behaviour that can be classified under that of a "troll". A troll is one who consistently (the following may include, but do not have to, and are not limited to:) uses improper spelling and/or grammar, insults or degrades other members, uses vulgar or inappropriate language, spams on a repeated basis despite prior warnings, posts huge spoilers without a warning or spoiler tag and harasses other members.

Chatbox Rules:

1. No spamming! However, you are allowed to 'spem' if the need arises. Such occasions present themselves when users post large, chat-stretching images, or something inappropriate is said. Then, users are allowed to "spem" the image/inappropriate post out of chat. Note: Spemming without acceptable reason is considered spam.

2. Let it be noted that ALL above rules relating to behaviour and the like pertain to chatbox as well as posting.

3. If a conflict develops between two people over chat, kindly move it to a PM conversation. It is human nature that we will not always get along, but nobody likes to be caught in the middle and unable to chat as usual due to a blowout between two other people in a public place. However, if the fight involves multiple users, we understand that there may be no way to move it to PM.

Rules on Accounts:

1. No double accounts! You should never need a duplicate account, for all your posts, friends, etc. are on your first account/know you by that.

2. No account sharing! It's stupid.

That is all.



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